Camp Awakening is a small registered charity and receives no government funding. We operate on a shared-cost basis meaning the fees charged to camper families are already subsidized by our generous community of donors and are approximately 50% of the "true cost" of camp.

Camp Awakening's fees are all-inclusive.  There are no hidden or additional charges for accommodation, meals, staff supervision, activities & programming, accessible transportation between Toronto-Camp, or the at-camp Tuck Shop (convenience store):

Mini-Camp (4 nights):     $  350.00
One Week Session:         $  800.00
Two Week Session:         $1600.00

By comparison the average cost to attend one of our Host Camps is $2,775 plus HST, transportation and tuck shop purchases for a two week session.

We rely on and expect camper families to contribute their own money and/or apply for funding to help offset the cost of running our camp programs.  Approximately 65% of camper families request support so we have a very comprehensive financial assistance program.

Camp Awakening will absolutely support camper families in their efforts to secure appropriate funding.

You may call the camp office during regular business hours and speak privately and confidentially with the Executive Director at (416) 487-8400.