Activities of Daily Living:

Camp Awakening campers are reasonably independent with their activities of daily living (eating, dressing, and toileting).

Camp staff are trained to offer support with personal care routines as caregivers.  Staff do not have a PSW designation or provide full attendant care services, but definitely provide help & support with meal times, dressing, and bathroom routines.

Assistive Devices:

Approximately 75% of campers use an assistive device and they bring their equipment to camp from home.

However, Camp Awakening provides a Terra-Trek all-terrain wheelchair for each summer camp program. It is used by multiple campers in a single day to travel between activity areas, as needed.


The Camp Awakening cabins are located in the heart of each host camp - and across from the dining halls!

Each cabin has electricity; ramps; two wheelchair-accessible washrooms with showers, plus storage and a single bed for each camper.  Staff sleep in the same cabin, but in a separate room.


Host Camps:

Camp Awakening summer camp programs operate out of established summer camps - Kilcoo Camp for boys & Camp Oconto for girls - offering a wide variety of amazing land & water activities.

While Camp Awakening staff are great role models and mentors skilled at adapting activities to meet each campers' desire for adventure, the camp properties are rustic.  There are gravel and dirt pathways and several small hills. For these reasons, power wheelchairs can be difficult to accommodate at camp.