Camp Awakening

Camp Staff will speak with you privately and confidentially about fees & financial assistance.

Camp Awakening is a registered charity and receives no government funding. We operate on a shared-cost basis meaning published camp fees are already subsidized by our generous community of donors and are approximately 50% of the “true cost” of camp.

Camp Awakening’s fees are also all-inclusive.  There are no hidden or additional charges for accommodation, meals, staff supervision, activities & programming, accessible transportation between Toronto-Camp, or the at-camp Tuck Shop (convenience store).

Camp Awakening has information on a wide variety of financial assistance options and will support your family in your efforts to secure appropriate funding or create a payment plan.

For 2021:

It’s has been a tough year, so please know that we will not be turning away anyone who is eligible and interested in participating in any of our alternative virtual programs.  Please contact us with any questions.