Camp Awakening

For Young Adults 21-29 Years

A brand-new, in-person, one-week summer outdoor recreation program for young adults.

Session dates

August 1 - 7, 2022

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Frequently asked Questions

It’s a brand-new program being introduced in 2022!

Adult Camp is for participants, aged 21-29, who want to relive the best of their camper years in a whole new way. You will connect with old friends and meet new ones all while participating in your favourite camp activities. Whether it’s cheering in the dinning hall as loud as you can with the rest of the Cedar Ridge Camp community, canoeing Lake Wannamaker, or sleeping under the stars, we know you will reconnect with your younger self in the best way possible.

This program also gives participants the opportunity to act as a role model for the younger campers at Cedar Ridge Camp as they will see that having fun at camp is about a mindset, not an age.

Camp Awakening is required to comply with the relevant recommendations and guidance documents of national, provincial, and local public health/public safety, and other government authorities, to reduce transmission of COVID-19.  As we look ahead, some expectations for the summer include:

  • Vaccination mandate for all staff and adult campers
  • Reduced cabin/session capacity
  • We may be required to follow strict physical distancing, cohorting, masking and sanitizing protocols as per Public Health and
    Ontario Camps Association guidelines.

Adult Camp is for participants with a physical disability, aged 21-29, who want to relive the best of their camper years in a whole new way.

Due to limited capacity in 2022, priority will be given to our alumni (people who have previously participated in a Camp Awakening program).

Adult Camp fees for 2022 are $1,000

Camp Awakening’s Adult Camp fees are all-inclusive.  There are no hidden or additional charges for lodging, meals, staff support, activities or programming.

Financial Assistance

Unfortunately, there are limited funding options available to participants over the age of 18.

However, Camp Awakening will support you in your efforts to secure any funding you find or create a payment/installment plan for you.