Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camp Awakening @ Home?
Camp Awakening @ Home is our new, alternative program for Summer 2020.  It’s a combination of virtual cabin group gatherings and ‘camp-in-a-box’ care packages filled with resources and activities. If we can’t be together, in-person, at camp, then this is the next best thing!

When will it run?
The program runs weekdays for six weeks from Monday, July 6th - Friday, August 14th, 2020.

How much does it cost?
It’s FREE! 
Thanks to the generosity of Camp Awakening donors, funders and supporters.  If you would like to make a donation and invest in this new initiative, please click HERE.

Who is eligible to participate?
If you previously attended any Camp Awakening program at Kilcoo Camp or Camp Oconto and are currently between the ages of 10 to 18, we hope you will join in the fun!

What about Youth Leadership Development (YLD) Participants?
If you previously attended any Camp Awakening program and are currently between the ages of 19 to 24, Camp Awakening @ Home includes you too! Just like at YLD, you’ll have access to all the fun stuff plus informative and engaging leadership development sessions.  

How do I sign-up?
Send us a message letting us know that you or your camper are interested in signing up! We will email you back within a week with our Terms of Participation and Sign up Form. 

FYI, all campers & YLD participants registered for traditional camp in 2020 have already been enrolled in Camp Awakening @ Home, but do still need to complete the form and agree to the Terms of Participation.

I’m still a little confused about this ‘camp-in-a-box’ concept...tell me more!

  1. Over the course of the 6-week Camp Awakening @ Home program, campers will be mailed 3 packages via CanadaPost.
  2. Each of the three packages will contain 8-10 activities (4-5 per week) for campers to complete independently & at their own pace.
  3. Campers will also be assigned to a cabin group based on their age and gender (just like at camp!).
  4. Cabin groups will check-in with each other for an hour each week, sometimes to complete an activity together and sometimes just to hang out.

What kind of activities will be included in each package?
All sorts of different activities! There will be activities to get you moving (physical fitness & parasports); activities to get you outside (nature fun); activities to engage your creative side (arts & crafts); plus cabin challenges, bonus fun, and tuck shop treats! Instructions, materials and links to online videos will be included in each package.  

What platforms will you use for the virtual portion of Camp Awakening @ Home?

We will use Zoom for cabin group gatherings & YouTube to deliver online content.  We will continue to promote all Camp Awakening programs and events via social media:




Who will be facilitating the online cabin meetings and online videos?
Camp Awakening’s full-time staff, Executive Director Tracy and Assistant Director Andy will be in most cabin meetings, as well as featured in a few videos. Guest appearances from alumni and volunteers will happen throughout the summer!

What kind of time commitment is involved?
There’s a cabin group check-in for one hour each week.  Otherwise, most activities can be done independently and at your own pace.  We encourage you to complete one activity per weekday and each activity will take between 30 minutes to 3 hours, but if you miss a day, or do two activities in one big deal. 

As a parent/guardian, how much supervision will I need to provide during the activities?
We have tried our best to ensure that most activities require very little supervision. We know everyone has different availabilities and prior commitments, so we’re hoping to engage your camper in independent fun. That being said, some of the activities (i.e tie-dye or going on nature walks) will require adult supervision.

Anything else I should know?
This is new for all of us and a work-in-progress.  We are designing a brand new program from scratch.  It’s exciting, but a little intimidating!  We hope to have regular check-ins with camper families and volunteers to ensure Camp Awakening @ Home is meeting your needs and we are open to feedback & suggestions anytime!

I have more questions.  How do I get in touch?
Send us a message. We can reply to a quick question via email or we set up a time to chat over the phone and/or via Zoom.