Welcome to the Tuck Shop.

There are 3 steps to purchasing items from the shop.

STEP 1: Look through the catalogue of clothing available HERE.  The product titles match the titles in the order form.  There are a limited number of some items. Once your order is received at the camp office, you will be contacted if your item is not available anymore.

STEP 2: Complete the order form with your contact information and items you would like to order and submit your order to the Camp Awakening office.

STEP 3: The Camp Awakening staff will contact you to confirm your order and send you the payment details for your order.

Shipping is not included.  Purchases will be delivered to camp for pick up or you may get your order from the Camp Office.

Payment options include PayPal, E-transfer or cash (at the Camp Office).



All prices are at cost. All campers are required to bring a camper T-shirt to camp. If you are a returning camper, you may bring an old one or purchase a new one. If you are able, please sponsor another camper by purchasing a second camper T-shirt. For some families, this extra $20 is out of reach.